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Only Chelsea stand Inter way

With today giving rise to the final draw for this season’s Champions League it seems as good a time as any for me – the other voice of WTS – to put finger to keys on this newborn blog for the first time. And although it’s true that it could be under slightly better circumstances, overall the balls in Nyon rolled fairly positively from a Reds perspective.


John Terry Crying

We can only hope

The quarter final draw against Chelsea is perhaps one that no-one – not least of all the clubs involved – would have wanted to see. From our perspective our record against the West London Blues is mixed to put it kindly, and likewise Ancelotti and his boys will know that the two legs are going to be a tough proposition. Also it is – despite the quality of the recent league meeting – hardly a romantic draw for the neutral, not to mention the fact that it means that the Greatest League in the World™ is guaranteed to lose a participant.

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